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You developed an Integrated Budgeting, Job Costing and Project Management matrix that we talked about developing ourselves for the last 5 years; we have been quoted $150,000/year to license a commercial version of the software that has similar features. The use of this Matrix could save us $200,000/year or more in efficiency.

Clinical Research Organization

I appreciate your insight on issues that gave me more clarity on my management style. The new perspective on Performance-Based Job Descriptions could save us another $250,000.

Clinical Trials Organization

...the recommendation about sales, marketing and Internet presence will be integral in growing our revenue in the next year and the next and the next. Our goal is to grow revenue 7-8 times in five years.

Research Industry

The staff is eager to implement the new systems that you recommended. The morale is better. We have identified key players in a newly acquired subsidiary. I personally feel more inspired and motivated!

Global CRO

Our company was dealing with a cash flow problem and the inability to organize the company to produce a profit. Garrett Carrara has analyzed and recommended organizing our company in many productive ways. Garrett is very meticulous, knowledgeable, and extremely informational in the training to reorganize. The cost of the knowledge we now have was undoubtedly money well spent.

New Car Dealership

We were operating from year to year with minimal, if any, profit; and employee morale was uncertain. Our employees voiced concern, and many felt they had no future with the company. Garrett Carrara implemented a time line for production to enable us to meet our clients needs and expectations. Preliminary estimated savings due to the implementation of the production plan are $146,000. Employees are working more effectively with increased leadership and confidence.

Pension Plan Administration Company

Midway through the third year, our company has experienced nearly 1000% growth. While everything looked rosy on the outside, our company and organizational approach was still the same as year one. Garrett Carrara analyzed not only our company organizational structure, but also our company culture, and strengthened our foundation to enable us to grow to the next level.

Product Manufacturer

Garrett had the fortitude to stand firm when personnel within our company (including sometimes myself) refused or failed to recognize the issues that would improve our company's efficiencies and profitability. More importantly, through cash flow forecasting and assistance in evaluating operations, you helped identify an impending crisis that may have out the entire company at risk. Bottom line, the time and money spent now seems insignificant compared to the results!

Nursing Home Chain

I would like to personally commend the performance of Garrett Carrara, who quickly established his credibility within the organization and performed numerous "negotiating" sessions with key people to get everyone heading in the same direction, and helped us redefine our culture. A combination of his personality and varied background made the success of this project possible.

Industrial Services Company

Our approach wasn't working and we needed an outsider to bring us together...Garrett Carrara...who after six weeks, I feel must have been sent to us by a higher figure. He was just what we needed to bring direction back to our organization. Garrett was able to bring two organizations into one (merger) and get everyone working for the same goal - the betterment of our company. We couldn't have gotten by ourselves what Garrett was able to do as an outsider.

Insurance Company

The money is well worth the cost as we feel we will make it back next year, but the main thing is that we changed morale and made this a pleasant place to work.

HVAC Industrial Firm
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