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About Garrett Carrara

Garrett Carrara Photo For Webinar 300 pixels WideGarrett Carrara is the CEO and Owner of True Business Consulting, LLC and Founded in 2004, True Business Consulting was created to provide strategic planning and consulting for small to mid-size companies, in a variety of disciplines: Innovative Idea generation, branding, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, marketing, sales team training, work flow, trademarks, intellectual property, internet marketing, social media marketing, management consulting, complex cash flow forecasting models, budgeting and scenario modeling, tax strategies, government grants. Garrett has owned several successful businesses (and a few not-so-successful endeavors) and brings over 30 years business experience to his consulting engagements and projects. was created to provide businesses an online resource for highly effective consulting diagnostic tools. The degree of success in a consulting engagement is directly related to the quality of the diagnosis/analysis, and COGNIZION will be releasing online tools on an ongoing basis. COGNIZION will also be releasing iPhone and Android apps in selective international markets.


Here are a few highlights from over the years:

• Created new online distribution platform and constructed database for . New concept involved providing customers with the ability to search for supplements by Brand, Goal, and Health Issue. Also redesigned NutraCare logo, branding, and packaging.

• Launched to help small businesses manage their cash. Programmed in Visual Basic, the core tools provide an easy and efficient platform for companies to maintain cash reserves, all in an easy to use online membership platform.

• Created business plan in 2005 for roll out of a new medical clinic model and secured $6 Million dollars in funding in 2006 from one of the largest funding groups in the United States. Performed CEO functions, designed branding, corporate structures and systems, and successfully grew company to $2 Million in sales by 2008, and ultimately merged clinic with a larger clinic in 2009.

• In 2009, traveled to China in 2009 at the invitation of local Chinese business, and closed complex multi-million dollar brokerage contract during 2 week trip.

• Created a Visual Basic driven EXCEL based automated Cash Flow Forecasting System to identify a looming bankruptcy for a multi facility managed health care system, and directed the negotiating process with a local hospital for selling the unprofitable facility.

• For $90 million, 500 employee paving contractor: Discovered and repaired defective elements in the Job Cost Reporting System and re-engineered organizational structure.

• Consulted and assisted one of New Orleans’s largest health care clinics with Insurance Carrier contract negotiations, and IPA negotiations. Generated recommendations within first two weeks sufficient to cover cost of project. Managed the creation of over 600 new Standard Operating Procedures.

• Designed and implemented resource allocation system for major pension plan company, improving CPA/Plan Administrator work flow by 400% within 3 weeks.

• Presented plan to Strategic Finance Division of Department of Commerce in Phoenix, AZ and secured $39,000 in Federal Grant Money for Southwest aerospace contractor undergoing economic conversion to the commercial industry. Created training plan and financial analysis which resulted in the monies being delivered within three days.

• Other categories of clients:
EXXON’s largest US based Distribution Facility, Insurance Agency, Manufacturers, Health Care Clinics and Nursing Homes, HVAC Contractors, Jewelry Manufacturing, Tool Manufacturing, Pension Plan Administration, Building Contractors, Graphic Artists, Silage and Agricultural, Advertising Specialties, Car Dealerships.


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