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Discover your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in a brand new way, and design new possibilities.

We believe a self-initiated Revolution within a company can produce extraordinary results when properly executed. Utilizing a proprietary and confidential survey platform, we help you discover organizational strengths and weaknesses within your organization, in order to design your optimal ORGANIZATION Equations. The process is deceptively simple yet powerful:

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REVOLUTION(from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”) is defined as a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. This is a revolution tailored for YOUR business.

RECORD the current status of the business. This “snapshot” of your business’ most important metrics, at the outset of the COGNIZION consulting process, provides a clear “before” picture.

REVEAL the currently “unrevealed” culture of the enterprise. All businesses eventually present an “evolved culture”, whether intended, assumed, or simply inherited. When a culture is allowed to evolve without also providing a powerful context and vision, performance limitations may arise, as well as diminished possibilities for future results.

RELEASE those elements of the enterprise’s culture and systems which impede new, possibility oriented direction. Providing a “clean slate” is the optimal platform to investigate what is possible within the organization, without the limiting nature of the previously “evolved culture” or systems.

RETHINK the enterprise’s cultures and systems, sufficient to generate possibility oriented thinking and processes, and performance breakthroughs. Through utilization of our proprietary Performance Equations™ methodology, the enterprise gains a new focus resulting from company-wide alignment.

REALIZE, defined as “Cause something desired or anticipated to happen”. By implementing our proprietary Performance Equations™ methodology, new possibilities are translated into actions; optimized workflows are created and implemented, and people are trained and developed to nurture the new, possibility oriented culture.

REVIEW all aspects of the consulting engagement. The best test of ROI and effectiveness is simply – were the agreed results produced? A thorough review is conducted to ensure implementation, and to compare the “before” snapshot against the final review.